Tips to Avoid Distracted Driving Diminish Danger on the Road

As the Allen Law Firm recently explained in a previous blog about distracted driving,distracted driving is a deadly habit. As part of the Gainesville, Ocala, and North Central Floridacommunities, the Allen Law Firm would like to encourage drivers to prevent car accidents by asking all drivers to commit to focusing only on the road. As 82% of Americans ages 16-17 own cell phones, teenagers are the group of drivers most likely to be distracted while driving. As reports, “Ten percent of drivers of all ages under the age of twenty involved in fatal crashes were ‘distracted’ at the time of the crash. This age group has the largest proportion of drivers who were distracted.” However, studies show that 27% of adults have sent or received text messages while driving, and one in five drivers of all ages confess tosurfing the web while driving. Younger drivers are apparently learning from the example of adults, as 48% of young drivers report that they have seen their parents drive while talking on a cellphone, and 15% have seen their parents drivewhile texting.

Tips To Avoid Distracted Driving

Though breaking bad habits can be a difficult, our lives depend upon it. As with any change of behavior, this change will require additional forethought, prudence, and responsibility. The Allen Law Firm recommends the following:
  1. Limit cell phone use. To take more extreme measures for the sake of safety, turn your cell phone off as soon as you get in the car and store it somewhere out of reach.
  2. Learn state and local laws. The majority of states in America have banned cell phone use for novice and teen drivers, and forty-six states, including Florida, have banned text messaging for all drivers. Several states have prohibited the use of hand-held cell phones while driving.
  3. Let others know the law. If you know you are going to be driving for a long period of time, record a voicemail message informing others that you will not be available while you are driving, or sign up for a service that will do so for you. If you have a passenger in the car, delegate all cell phone usage to them.
  4. Leave multitasking alone. Eating, drinking, grooming, navigating, reading, smoking, and socializing are activities that many people try to attempt while driving, and all can be just as dangerous. Therefore, finish these tasks before or after you drive, not during. With children and pets, be sure they are completely secure before you start to drive, and pull over if they need attention. Also, especially with younger drivers, limit the number of passengers allowed in the car so that it is easier to commit full attention to driving.

Safer Driving

As a general rule, remember that anything that takes your attention away from driving is a distraction, and any distraction has the potential to be very dangerous. It is your responsibility to focus on driving when you are behind the wheel. Keep your eyes constantly scanning the road, checking the mirrors, and watching for pedestrians in order to be fully aware of your driving environment. The last thing you want is an accident. The Allen Law Firm cares for you and cares for your community, so call if you have questions or if you’ve experienced an accident or personal injury that was caused by a distracted driver. We are available 24/7, and will provide the legal assistance you need.