Steve Brady


Steve Brady has been a Florida attorney for more than 32 years. He was graduated from the University of Florida College of Law in 1987 and Florida State University in 1984. Since 2003 Steve has been a major shareholder of a Philadelphia-based law firm that has offices in multiple states, and which handles cases in state and federal courts around the country. In charge of the entire state of Florida, at one point Steve supervised (and generated business for) approximately 14 attorneys plus support staff, assistants and paralegals.

Over the years, Steve has represented a wide variety of clients in a wide variety of fact patterns in various state and federal trial and appellate courts. Class actions, deadly launch pad explosions, train explosions, aircraft explosions and crashes, propane truck explosions, boat crashes, building collapses, giant crane disasters, electrocutions, RICO suits, deadly products, alleged litigation fraud, brain injuries, medical malpractice, design and architectural malpractice, attorney and other malfeasance, misfeasance, negligence, insurance coverage, insurance bad faith, commercial, construction defect, first amendment, death, dismemberment, catastrophic claims . . . to name only a few.

When he worked in Miami after departing the US Department of State in the mid-1990’s, Steve filed the first ever class actions against insurance companies in Florida. They were wildly successful and changed the entire industry in favor of health care providers and their patients. Afterwards, many insurers hired Steve to (successfully) protect them from other class action lawsuits of various types. Later, Steve was hired by the silica industry and its insurers to be part of an attorney dream team to completely shut down products liability litigation involving silica around the country. Over the years, Steve has successfully handled dozens of class action and other major lawsuits representing plaintiffs and defendants in matters where the amount in controversy ranged from millions to literally billions of dollars.

Much of Steve’s more recent practice has involved cases that were pulled by concerned clients (usually major insurers) from other attorneys and law firms. Hundreds of cases over the years were sent to Steve for this reason. Accordingly, Steve has had a unique window into how lawyers and law firms handle cases, on the micro and macro level, and how they can tactically, systematically, and/or strategically go wrong; sometimes very wrong.

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In past iterations, Steve has been a charter yacht (sailing) captain (USCG licensed captain/Master, 200 tons/200 passengers). A professional writer/speaker/educator. Consul of the United States. Confidential consultant to extreme high net worth individuals and corporations. Corporate counsel for one of the largest international insurers in the world. And an international diplomat in the US Foreign Service (during the Reagan administration (tail end), George H.W. Bush, and Clinton administrations) after passing the US Foreign Service exam with its extensive psychological tests, medical exams, background checks, and expansive security investigation. During his years in the Foreign Service, Steve lived and worked overseas at various locations, received top secret, SCI, and code word clearances, lifetime tenure, and outstanding achievement awards (they remain permanently classified). He graduated at the top of his language and consular courses. Steve is multilingual. He presently resides in Baldwin Park, Florida.