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If you were involved in an accident, or if a loved one has been harmed in a car crash caused by another negligent or reckless driver, do not think that you have to face the upcoming legal process on your own. At the Allen Law Firm, P.A., you can consult a car accident attorney that provides injured victims with compassionate care. As service-minded personal injury lawyers, we focus on your needs and interests while aiming for the best possible results. What you can receive as our client:
  • You pay nothing unless we recover for you.
  • You can start your case today, completely free of charge.
  • You can be represented by a team that has recovered millions of dollars.
  • You can focus entirely on recovering while we handle the rest.
What you can expect from a Gainesville car accident attorney:
  • We notify all insurance companies of your claim, on your behalf.
  • We help you get all medical bills, mileage, or lost wages paid.
  • We can arrange rental cars for your transportation needs.
  • We negotiate all bills and liens at the end of your case.
  • We travel to your home or hospital if your injury does not permit you to come to us.
A car accident attorney of Allen Law Firm, P.A. advocates fiercely on behalf of the injured and bereaved. If you have a claim involving a car crash in Ocala, Gainesville, or other areas in Florida, contact us today. Your first consultation is FREE.

Serving Car Accident Victims in Florida for Decades

There are literally millions of cars on the roads in America, and even if you have confidence in your ability to drive safely, it is impossible to regulate or predict the habits of other drivers. Therefore, car accidents happen all too easily, and even the best drivers can be involved. Car accidents are a frequent occurrence in the Gainesville and Ocala areas; it seems that every day there are reports of an automobile accident on the news or perhaps you have even witnessed the repercussions of a collision on a nearby street. Car accidents continue to source the leading cause of personal injuries in our country. America depends heavily upon automobiles as a major mode of transportation, and this dependence has resulted in car accidents injuring or killing more people in the United States than any other trauma. Even though crashed are so common, it is never a comforting situation if a car accident personally affects you or your loved ones.

Common Causes of Car Accidents & Crashes

There are many safety rules and regulations imposed upon drivers on the roads, but regretfully, car accidents typically involve driver negligence. When the driver of a vehicle fails to operate an auto with reasonable care, they should be held legally liable for the injuries and damages they inflict. At Allen Law Firm, P.A., you can turn to an Ocala car accident attorney. They have mentally steeled themselves to fight for justice to be administered to derelict and irresponsible drivers. While careless drivers may cause car accidents, other causes can include:
  • Lack of responsibility on the part of manufacturing companies
  • Automobile recalls
  • Product or manufacturing defects
  • Equipment failure
Such an equipment failure may give rise to a product liability claim. Examples of product liability claims include defective tires, defective air bags, and defective automobile design. If you believe that any of these hazards factored into your case, a car accident attorney from Allen Law Firm, P.A. can help you take on the manufacturing companies with your lawsuit.

We Use Former Insurance Experience to Your Advantage!

Insurance companies have made it difficult to obtain a fair recovery in car accident cases. They have skilled a number of car accident attorney working for them year-round, but thankfully, the knowledgeable, experienced, and skilled team at Allen Law Firm, P.A. has worked for those insurance companies as well. With 7 former insurance adjusters on our staff, we have a compelling and unique knowledge of how insurance companies work and frequently handle car accident claims. We have turned years of experience fighting on the side of the insurance companies into effective strategies. Now, you can expect a car accident attorney from our firm to employ these tactics in asserting your rights, demanding your full compensation, and cleverly combatting the strategies used by insurance companies to level the playing field.

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When you are injured in a vehicle collision, you need a qualified car accident attorney to handle your case. Allen Law Firm, P.A.’s Ocala car accident attorney are not just qualified: we are open and honest with you about the merits of your potential claim. We provide ethical counsel from beginning to end and keep you informed of your rights and options. Ready to discuss your case with a car accident attorney? We are here to help. Call our Gainesville offices at (352) 331-6789 or our Ocala offices (352) 351-3258.