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North Central Florida communities are a bicyclist’s haven. The endless Florida sunshine is always begging locals to take their two-wheelers out for a spin. Riding a bike is easy, cheap, and healthy, and the area provides many great opportunities for residents to make bike riding a regular part of their lives.

Bicycle Accident Injuries

Unfortunately, riding a bicycle is not always a nice time. Bicycle accidents happen and often critically hurt those involved. In 2012, almost two people every day of the year died in accidents involving motor vehicles. The number of bicyclist fatalities has fluctuated over the years, but the estimated number of bicyclist injuries has hovered around 50,000 in the last decade. Even when the numbers go down, that does not guarantee that the roads have become safer for bike riders: sadly, hospital records reveal that only a small portion of injuries caused by bicycle accidents are actually recorded by the police.

Bicycle Accident Causes

The majority of bicycle accidents are the result of the bike rider being hit by a car. Bicyclists are required to follow the rules of the road that include the same traffic laws as other vehicles, but other vehicles do not always act appropriately around bicyclists. Negligence on the part of car drivers are a common cause for bicycle accidents that can lead to serious injury or even death. Bicycle accidents can also happen when:
  • The road or walkway is in bad shape
  • An animal is on the loose in the area
  • The weather or visibility is bad

These circumstances can victimize a bicycle rider at no fault of the rider. If you’re looking for a bicycle accident lawyer to help you, Allen Law Firm, P.A. has you covered! We always help find liability in a bicycle accident and does whatever is necessary to administer justice to the neglectful party. Speak with a professional bicycle accident lawyer today.

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