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If you have suffered a devastating setback to your lifestyle, whether due to a personal injury, a natural disaster, or an accident of any kind, you may struggle to receive the compensation your insurance policy promises. Insurance companies can be very self-serving; they wrongfully deny claims every day, and as very few people bother to dispute their claims, the insurance companies are able to keep millions of dollars for themselves.

If your insurance company has failed to follow through on its responsibilities, you may have an insurance dispute claim that you need a professional and knowledgeable lawyer to address. Our insurance claim lawyer at Allen Law Firm, P.A. are qualified to fight the battle with the insurance company for you.

A Case of Bad Faith

If your insurance company has denied you the funds you need to recover from your tragedy, it could be acting in “bad faith.” This indicates the unfair or unreasonable behavior of an insurance company towards its policyholders.

One of the leading duties of insurance companies is to demonstrate fairness in all their dealings with clients. When they write their policies or handle claims, an invisible or implied commitment to practice evenhandedness towards their insured holds companies accountable. The law backs this commitment, but insurance companies sometimes do not.

Instances of bad faith behavior on the part of the insurance company include:
  • Failing to investigate a claim
  • Interpreting of policy language obscurely
  • Denying the settlement of your case or the reimbursement of your loss
  • Denying the benefits of a claim
  • Terminating a claim that should have been paid
  • Delaying payments to a policyholder
  • Failing to defend a policyholder being sued under a policy with a liability provision
  • Attempting to lowball payment on a claim

Faith in the Right Place

The Allen Law Firm, P.A. is ready to take on the insurance companies for you. We understand that policies are difficult to read and understand. Some are even filled with loopholes that may prevent you from acquiring all of your benefits. However, our seasoned personal injury attorneys have years of experience working for those same insurance companies and know how to speak their language.

Our insurance claim lawyer have the skills we once employed for their service, now applied against them in order to secure what is best for you. When we successfully expose examples of bad faith in an insurance company, we may be able to gather reimbursement for additional expenses that result from the process of suing, such as emotional distress, general damages, attorney fees, the loss of use of the insurance proceeds, lost income, and punitive damages.

How Our Insurance Claim Lawyer Can Help

You should not have to assume any extra stress or exert energy when you have already been victimized. Allen Law Firm, P.A. wants to relieve you of the burden of campaigning for fair play from the insurance companies because our Gainesville insurance claim lawyer and Ocala attorney who serve statewide Florida, have the expertise to interpret the policies, property evaluations, medical records, and correspondence that are necessary to contend with insurance companies.

If you believe your insurance company has cheated you in a case of bath faith, contact our firm right away. We offer free initial consultations with an insurance claim lawyer.

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