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If you have been in an automobile accident of any kind, you have suffered enough already. Your comfort should not be denied any longer, and that means that you should seek full compensation for whatever property damages have been forced on you. When an insurance company fails to pay for the property damage to your vehicle, what options do you have? Allen Law Firm, P.A. can help sort through the red tape that complicates the insurance claims process. Our personal injury lawyers provide the legal muscle necessary to move the process along and put pressure on the insurance company.

We can help make certain that you are paid fairly for the value of your property damage, no matter where you are in Florida. Contact our Gainesville and Ocala property damage lawyer today.

Why We Handle Property Damage Cases

Most personal injury firms do not handle property damage claims because there is no profit to the firm from a settlement. However, our personal injury lawyers feel that it is important to assist our clients in resolving every aspect of their accident, including property damage.

For us, this means several things:
  • Determining that the repair estimate or total loss value assessment is fair
  • Ensuring that you are compensated with a rental vehicle or with payment for the loss of use of your vehicle
  • Seeing to it that you are paid fairly for items damaged in your vehicle

You may also have a Diminution in Value claim, which would entitle you to a recovery if your car is worth less now because it was involved in an accident.

We want our clients to feel cared for like our family members. We hope that our clients can see that their best interests are being looked out for, so we value their property and the money or memories that went into their possessions. We want to take your property damage case so that we can earn your trust and confidence.

Let the property damage lawyer of Allen Law Firm, P.A. help restore your sense of financial security today. Call us in Gainesville at (352) 331-6789 or Ocala at (352) 351-3258 for a free consultation.

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